Fairyland Yoga Fitness Fun :)

We still have a few weeks left of Summer holidays in the UK.

Enough time to learn some fitness based yoga skills!

These poses are taken from my book ‘Fairyland Yoga’. Why not have a go and see if you can copy the fairies?

The first pose teaches us to breathe.

Princess fairy holds her hands by her heart and takes a deep breath in.
She breathes to 5 as she lets out her breath.

Can you copy?


Deep breath in..Breathe out and draw on your fairy wings!




The next pose teaches us to balance and to be strong like a tree.

Can you stand on one leg?
Try both sides and see which one is easiest!




This pose is called ‘Triangle’. Can you make a triangle shape with your body?

Try to touch the sky.

You can rest one hand on your leg.

Try both sides to see which is the easiest!




Well Done!

Now it is time to stretch our backs.

Can you do ‘Cat’ pose?
Take a big deep breath in, then breathe out as you arch your back!

This feels so nice we should try it again!


Now it is time to relax.

Can you do ‘Child’s Pose?’

Curl into a little ball and rest.




Try to relax here. Feel how your body melts into the floor.

Well done!

If you want to learn more from the Yoga Fairies, you can find the book here:




Keep practising and feel free to leave a comment to let me know how you got on!

Antonia xx

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